Can not enter maintenance mode!

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Can not enter maintenance mode!

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Resurected Fully modded Tgy9x with AR9xboard no clock fitted.Running Opentx-ar9x vers 2.1.7.It will not go into maintenance mode when powering up and horiz trims held outwards, either before or after doing the horiz trim mod.
The bootloader is showing version 1.5 & the board is AR9X RevB ver1.2 with ATSAM 3S8C AU chip.The radio occasionally will also hang on start up(blank lcd,backlight on)then start normally after a power cycle.Looking for some hints from the forums bright sparks! as to where the problem is hardware or software related?.Thanking you for all or any responses.
ps re-established pin5 module connection & left pin2 still isolated.
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Re: Can not enter maintenance mode!

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Maintenance mode only exists in ersky9x, not on OpenTX.
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