Latest Rx firmware for OTX, not Ethos

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Latest Rx firmware for OTX, not Ethos

Post by daveee »

Hi. I have some SR6 Rx's and the FrSky website says V2.1.10 is for ethos only.
V2.1.12 does not specify. I tried both 9 & 12 and they both work except V2.1.9 will calibrate via ch 12 toggling, V2.1.12 requires using the LUA script to turn calibrate on.
Can anyone shine some light on this please?
Do I never update past V2.1.9 or just don't use V2.1.10?
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Re: Latest Rx firmware for OTX, not Ethos

Post by ChrisOhara »

Are you writing about this:

2022-03-22 v2.1.10 1. Enter the self-check mode through configuration, which facilitates operation and improves system security.
(for RX with stabilization function).
2. Improve FBUS baud rate and adapt to the latest Xact servo update.
Note: For ETHOS-based radio only, please update the ETHOS to v1.1.2 or above to use.

Misunderstanding: That does only say that the "Note is for ETHOS-based radio only", the Firmware is also for OTX.

I do run an Archer SR6 with V2.1.12 and OTX 2.3.15 without problems.
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