Advice for modding a Turnigy 9x

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Advice for modding a Turnigy 9x

Post by lowflyingduck »

Hello all,
I may be a bit late to the party, but I have had a Turnigy 9x transmitter sitting in the drawer for several years now and I'm interested in getting back into RC again. It's standard, with the RF 9X v2 module. I do not have a receiver for the module. I have seen that there are several options out there for modding, like backlit lcd and the smartieparts boards, but which all seem to be out of stock or no longer in production.

So my questions for you all are, is this transmitter still worth the time and effort to mod other than to replace the transmitter module? Which module should I look at getting?

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Re: Advice for modding a Turnigy 9x

Post by bob195558 »

Yes, your transmitter is still worth the time and effort to mod. What are you thinking you would like to upgrade ?
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Re: Advice for modding a Turnigy 9x

Post by Gaaru »

Hey guys, I'm sure the OP will not mind of me hijacking the thread as he has peaced out and I have the same question in mind - options for upgrading the olde 9x.
I'd like my 9x to support the "hip" JR EXPRESSLRS module from BetaFPV ... -tx-module
Is an upgrade board necessary for such an upgrade?

As well as including more bells and whistles, voice, RGB, haptic feedback, etc... Is there a catalogue somewhere?

I currently have mine with the multiprotocol module, and honestly I've spent so much time with my 9x and Mike's firmware that upgrading to a Taranis would not feel right.. 😁
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Re: Advice for modding a Turnigy 9x

Post by MikeB »

Yes, an upgrade board would be necessary to use that module, unfortunately, I don't believe any such boards are available any more.
erskyTx (er9x for ARM processors) is available for the Taranis (and many other FrSky transmitters).

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