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Post by mrtyko » Fri Oct 22, 2021 9:39 am

Hello I can not get my Taranis-E X9E radio to get my tank to follow all movements of the STICK.

For example:

In reverse:
Right stick full backwards (towards you) - both motors full speed backwards (-100)
Right stick full backwards and full right - left motor stopped (0), right motor full speed backward - TANK TURNS TO THE LEFT (looking forward)
Right stick full backwards and half right - left motor half speed backward (-50), right motor full speed backward, -TANK TURNS SLOWLY LEFT (looking forward)
And to the Lefte it will be the opposite.
I want my Tank follow the stick as in pic No.1
Now my tank is driving as in pic No.2

Please help me if you can, I have tried everything and a little more I think.

Pic 1.jpg
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Pic 2.jpg
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