Paid gig. Need a simple program

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Paid gig. Need a simple program

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So I say simple. I think it's simple. I could be wrong. Willing to drop some money to have it done for me.

I have a robot. I need two servos to oscillate when throttle is applied and the speed of the oscillation needs to be proportional to the throttle stick

Here are my requirements:

-At idle the servos don't move
-as the throttle is brought up the timing of the oscillation starts and increases. i.e. stop=no movement, 50% throttle = servos oscillate at 1 cycle per second, at 100% throttle the servos oscillate at 2 cycles per second
-Ability to adjust the servos swing arc. i.e move between 45 degrees and-45 degrees or 30 degrees and -30 degrees (I am ok with taking your code and editing it. This does not have to be something on a Potentiometer, although it would be awesome if it was)
-Bonus points for a ease-in ease-out movement (not critical but wanted)
-A switch activates this movement and can be shut off at any time
-Will allow for servo mixing from left right stick input
-Be able to map it to any stick

I am sure someone will tell me it's easy and say "do this..." but in the end I do not have time to do anything. But I do have money to pay someone to do it for me.

DM me with your cost to do this and how soon you would be able to make it happen
I will be on a Taranis X7 access and can apply any OpenTx version you need on the Tx

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