Want trigger my simulator interface using ir-slot sensos

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Want trigger my simulator interface using ir-slot sensos

Post by heavyweather » Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:48 pm


I am new to this forum but I am sure you can help me on this (tried to contact a lot of people last week but nobody wanted to help)
I do have very little knowledge about electronics but I learn quick.

Here is my idea.

I built a 4 lane slot car track and need timekeeping.
This can be done by using different interfaces and you can buy kits for ~40€ but I'd rather make my own from things I have and some electronics.
I want to use my[url] 7 channel simulator interface.
It does not really matter what you use for input (a USB mouse, gamepad or 2.4g wireless gamepad, keypad,...would work to) as long as the input can be mapped to other virtual input devices.
The software I use is Laptimer 2000, it will take input from Buttons 1-4 on a gamepad or any keyboard keys you specify.
I got it counting by mapping keyboard keys to either of the axis I input (I am using a FC16 with jeti module and the receiver is connected to the interface).

What I need to learn is how to generate the input signal to trigger the count with my interface.
I want to use a "Gabellichtschranke" or ir-slot sensor built into each track, have each one connected to the interface for counting.
An alternative route would be installing the ir-slot sensors into the FC16 (I got lots of free trigger slots...just using the 4 axis now) and have the transmitter trigger via the receiver wireless. I would have to plug in my remote control into the track but that's ok.

Now I am looking for someone who knows how to trigger the interface or built am ir-slot sensor switch for use in the FC16.

Some people report that their gamepad setup doesn't trigger the lapcounter every time when two cars pass at the same moment...I am not sure if this is an issue with windows or with gamepads not taking two buttons at once. I figure this shouldn't be a problem with remote control interfaces.
U-HID (nano) are supposed to not drop a signal either but they are really expensive compared to (wireless) simulatorinterfaces that can be bought for 9€

I would really appreciate your help on this little project.


I believe the easiest way to use this interface would be to install two threeway switches to the FC16.
To connect the IR-Sensor to the interface I would need some circuit with a timer...much like a servo controller. Is a circuit for just switching a channel easier than one for a servo to a direction?
I wired a poti to channel 5 which corresponds to button1 on the joystick...to go through button 1-4 I would need 8 channels on the interface or remap one input signal.
Maybe I should go with a wireless 2.4G gamepad.
For now I got a USB gamepad. Can somebody help me out with the circuit? Does the ir-sensor trigger or switch when interrupted?

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Re: Want trigger my simulator interface using ir-slot sensos

Post by Ozzy » Wed Dec 19, 2018 6:49 am

Leo Bodnar has awesome PC interface joystick controllers. I built several PC sim wheel/pedals using hall sensors and his controller. He has lots of options (analog inputs / digital inputs). And with windows pc, no driver needed, all windows has joystick drivers built in.

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