Data stream transfer from rx to tx

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Data stream transfer from rx to tx

Post by CatRovacer »

How to transfer logged data stream from openaltimeter spi flash to opentx Lua script?
Any ideas?
Openaltimeter connected to FrSky Rx (sport)
Usually it send data altitude and vario as telemetry.
But also it accumulate this data in flash, which we can see on the computer after the flight.
Why not send this data on a request to the Lua script via the rx on the Tx and display grahp on the screen just on field?

Is it possible and how to send a request by Lua through the receiver to the sensor for the issuance of certain data?
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Re: Data stream transfer from rx to tx

Post by Kilrah »

You can look at the SxR configuration scripts for OpenTX 2.2 for how to send data uplink.
Obviously a protocol will need to be defined and implemented both in your script and the altimeter.
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