how to intall new 2.3.15 firmware?

openTx has introduced a range of new features, ideas and bling. It is fast becoming the firmware of choice for many users. openTx will run on ALL current hardware platforms, including the gruvin9x and sky9x boards. Work has already started to support the new FrSky X9D radio!
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how to intall new 2.3.15 firmware?

Post by EagleFly » Fri Jan 06, 2023 1:12 pm

Hey, I have some bugs with my X10S internal ISRM-S.Modul 1.1.0/2.1.6EU I will update it.
So I think I have to update my OpenTX first, from current 2.3.11 to 2.3.15.

First I installed the new Companion 2.3.15 and I conneted my X10S, I´ve done the Backup of my 2.3.11 Firmeware too
next I tried to write the 2.3.15-otx (1004ef7c) but the message new firmware is not compatibel) so I´m worried if I should ignore the "prove of comtatibility Check box" or not??

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