Taranis -X9D+ and OrangeRX ver 2.1 module

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Taranis -X9D+ and OrangeRX ver 2.1 module

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Posted from a PM sent to me:

I hope this might be the right place to ask this question.
I have Taranis -X9D+ and OrangeRX module, and can not bind a UMX Radian.
I am using OpenTX companion and just can not to get it all to bind.
Really could use you help, PLEASE!
Please find picture of what I have here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing
I have the "E-flite UMX Ultrix BNF Basic with AS3X and Safe Select, 342mm, EFLU6450" and it binds okay here using PPM.

Can not bind to the : E-flite RC Airplane UMX Radian BNF BasicTransmitter Battery and Charger Not Included with AS3X and Safe Select EFLU2950 Airplanes ARF Electric

I am 77 years of age and all this is confusing.
I am totally new to flying and still have not flown any planes yet.

Thank you
Larry Carbaugh
erskyTx/er9x developer
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The impossible takes a little longer!
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