Binding TX to RX

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Binding TX to RX

Post by crawleroz » Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:13 pm

Hello guys,
I'm quite new to this whole open source stuff and I have no idea of almost everything. :oops: But I hope someone will help me anyway. Although I have read a lot, I am much more confused than at the beginning. Therefore I didn't really know in which section I should create this thread. sry moderators! :)

OK let's come straight to the point. The facts are quite simple:
- I have bought a Bixler 2
- a Turnigy 9XR with OrangeRx Open LRS 433MHz TX Module ... ible_.html
- and a OrangeRx Open LRS 433MHz 9Ch Receiver ... eiver.html

Everyone said that you do not use the standard firmware, so I've also bought a programming device. ... ssors.html
So now Im confused :? What exactly does that mean? Firmware for what? For the receiver and the module ? Or for the receiver and the Turnigy 9xr? Or for all three? :shock:
I know this is embarrassing to ask but what do I do? :oops:

What do I have to consider about the firmware choise and how does the binding process work? There are things like "openLRSng", "undeadmod4.0", "open9x", "ER9X" But I don't know what goes where and what is compatible with what.

-I already innstalled my USBasp
-I successfully installed open9x on my Turnigy 9XR
-And I successfully installed openLRSng 1.6 on my RX

Does it work together? If yes, how do I bind it? If no, what should I do

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Re: Sv: Binding TX to RX

Post by dvogonen » Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:37 pm

The answer is actually "all three"
But you didn't have to replace the firmware in the transmitter to get started. It is running a rebranded version of er9x that is less than a year old and that is quite alright to start out with. You have loaded open9x, which is the other available alternative firmware for the radio. Either will serve you well and have nearly the same functions. Regardless of which firmware you load in your radio it will be compatible with your transmitter module since the interface is fixed.

The transmitter /receiver is another story altogether. I guess you saw this note in the description for the receiver :

*Note: The setup and use of Open LRS requires computer programming skills and basic Arduino experience. This is not a "plug and play" system. See the attached document under the "Files" tab for resources on programming info, firmware downloads and more.

You can decide yourself which protocol to use and even modify it by changing the code. I have not used Open LRS, but I imagine that the binding method could vary depending on which firmware you use. You will have to load matching firmware to both the transmitter and the receiver before you do anything else.

Here is a link to a video where someone loads and binds the receiver: ... oCQe3ns82A

The tool you use to load firmware to the tx/rx is the arduino development environment. It is free and very simple to use, but it is still a development environment. If you do not want to compile and handle code, open LRS is not for you.

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Re: Binding TX to RX

Post by crawleroz » Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:59 pm

I got it to run. :D

My noob-problem was that I didn't understand that I have to burn the openLRSng-1.6 TX -code direct on the TX module :oops:
I thought that the 9xr does it for me so I was trying to burn the openLRSng-1.6 TX -code on my Turnigy 9xr :P

OK this is for other noobs. Maybe it helps someone..

1. install driver for USBasp AVR Programming Device (win7 driver ...
2. Connect with the supplied cable. Image
3. Install winAVR (the compiler)
3. install and open Arduino (I used 1.5.1r2)
4. download openLRSng1.6 (the firmware for receiver and transmitter module)
5. open openLRSng.ino with Arduino.
important is this line:
-If you want to update your reciever, leave it that way.
-If you want to update your transmitter module, change #define COMPILE_RX to #define COMPILE_TX
-Select Tools --> Board --> Arduino Pro or Pro mini
-Select Tools --> Processor --> ATMmega328 (5V, 16MHz)
-Select Tools --> Programmer --> usbasp
6. hit the test-compile-button
7. If syntax is ok, Select file --> upload with programmer or Ctrl+Shift+U
maybe there are a few warnings like this but they can be ignored.

so RX done, now the same config to the tx module!
first problem the cable doesn't fit so I bought a CP2102 with single pin wires on ebay for around 3,99 €
1. install driver for CP2102 ( ... ivers.aspx)
2. solder a male pin on DTR like this Image (blue wire)
3. connect it like this on your CP2102: Image
4. open your tx module and connect the wires like this Image
5. open openLRSng.ino with Arduino.
6. change this line from #define COMPILE_RX to #define COMPILE_TX Image
7. Select tools --> serial port --> and your com port (my was com 5)
8. plug out 3v3 wire from your CP2102 ant hit upload button in adurino
- when message: binary sketch size ... appears, wait 2 sec and plug in 3v3 wire in your CP2102 so the tx will get power

upload firmware to tx done!

you can also update your rx firmware with the CP2102 but it didn't work for me :/
should look like this Image

With new tx firmware binding is much easier.
1. hold failsafe button on the back and turn on turnigy 9xr
2. wait for like 5-6 seconds until it starts beeping
3. release failsave-button and power up your rx with a battery or esc and battery
4. disconnect battery and power off turnigy

bind done!
connect a servo and try it out.

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Re: Binding TX to RX

Post by pepperjen » Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:29 am

Hey all,

I uploaded the latest firmware onto the receiver and transmitter and now I am trying to bind them using the turnigy 9xr but I am getting weird results.
First, the transmitter does not beep on its own. When I hold the fail safe it beeps but as soon as a I let it go it stops beeping.
Also, my receiver's LEDs flash rapidly.
I am not sure what is going on... If anyone has encountered this or knows how to fix it please help me out.
Thanks!! :)

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Re: Binding TX to RX

Post by RBirdie001 » Thu Oct 31, 2013 2:59 pm

I'm new in open lrs just from now. Looks like great project!
I bought orange lrs modules, successfully loaded 3.2.1 firmware into both TX and RX and it works at the first attempt :D .
Because I have Hitec optic 6 radio and it seems that my PPM from radio into module have wrong polarity (timed pulses for each channel are in LOW and separating pauses are at HIGH logic level) I guess I need invert the PPM to have it fully working. I can do it eiter by hardware transistor or in the code.
Can anyone give me some simple advice how to modify code like "change this 0 to 1 and it will work..."

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