Aileron differential with elevons ? Trim shift ?

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Aileron differential with elevons ? Trim shift ?

Post by DonaldNZ »

Turnigy TGY 9x

SUN : er9x-r762
VERS: V1. 5655-erez
DATE: 14.05.2012
TIME: 20:50:26

continuation of elevons with knob to adjust servo travel ? SORTED

Flown the glider a few times, going close to ok. The trim shifts with any adjustment of P3.
Got any ideas how to eliminate this trim shift ?

Got any ideas how to set up aileron differential
on this Elevon set up ? so more up aileron than down start at say 60 / 40 ?

+25 ELE
+35 AIL
*100 CH8
-25 ELE
+35 AIL
*100 CH8
+35 P3 100 Offset
+30 FULL

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Re: Aileron differential with elevons ? Trim shift ?

Post by MikeB »

More recent revisions include differential in the mix options. With the revision you are running, you need to apply a curve to the aileron mix. Try a 5 point curve with points at -80 -40 0, 50, 100. That will reduce the movement on one side to 80%.

The trim changes are a bit more difficult. When you use a weight less than 100%, or combine a multiply mix, then the amount of trim is also changed.

You can pick out the trim value by using another channel:
CH9: +100% Aileron
-100% Aileron (No Trim)
This will give you channel 9 with 100% of the trim. You may want less than this, your current mixes for the aileron give you just 35% of the trim. If that is what you want, change to +100% to +35% and the -100% to -35% on channel 9.
Now on your existing mixes, remove the trim from the AIL entries, and add +100% CH9 at the end (after the *100 CH8).
Repeat using channel 10 for the ELE trim, and add +100% CH10 to CH1 and -100% CH10 to CH2.

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